What does Project Valhalla include/exclude?


What does Project Valhalla include?

- Max +9 2 soc -5 gears
- All supergems available from the first rebirth reward
- Max level 130
- Max first reborn
- All classic 1.0 quests (SnakeKing, MoonBox, MeteorTear, BlueMouse, MeteorDove, DisCity and much more) as well as adding custom events and boss battles with unique rewards to help you progress and experience proper PvE and PvP gameplay. (TreasureHunt, TeamPKTournament, LastmanStanding and much more)
- Custom made items such as +1ItemPacks, 3x ExpPotions, HiddenKeys etc..
- Custom made hunting system which has been perfectly adjusted to the rewards from events and socket rates.
- Properly tested Met/DB spamming in TwinCity
- Custom made WineZone area to have enough spawns for all players with different kinds of mobs to match player levels as well as giving an opportunity for all classes to utilize the spawns. (Both M-Attack oriented and P-Attack oriented.)
- Balanced economy from the start with semi-mid rates. (No unnecessary goldflow.)
- Long lasting server which relies more on dedication and Play2Win than to focus on profits and rushing out unnecessary content.
- Red/Black name drop gears

What does Project Valhalla not include?

- NO BP oriented damage system
- NO Classes beyond the 5 original ones. (Water, Fire, Archer, Warrior and Trojans)
- NO Steeds, Mounts, Talismans (MiracolousGuard, MagicBottle, GoldCup..), HeavenFan, StarTower or any of the modern items.
- NO + stones
- NO Lottery System
- NO Blessing after -5
- NO AutoHunt feature
- NO CPs
- NO Wings, Accessories (cosmetics) or Titles
- NO Pay 2 Win donations (even on DBScrolls there is a limit every week)
- NO Item Lock feature
- NO Arena Qualifier