Project Valhalla Event Information


Frequent/Daily Events

TeamPK Tournament

You can join the TeamPK Tournament everyday, the event occurs twice in 24 hours. Players will go to TwinCity and speak with TuLao (423,289) to sign up their team at 7:45 PM server time. The sign up period starts 15 minutes before the event itself starts giving players an opportunity to adjust and modify their teams with the most optimal strategy before registering the team as a final decision. There is a limit of maximum 20 teams which can be signed up at once, each team can at minimum have 3 members and at maximum 6 members. The players target inside this event is to eliminate the opposing team which you are faced against, once all members of the enemy team is killed then the winning team will be teleported to middle of TwinCity with their reward of one random super gem. Note that all members in the winning team will receive a random super gem UNLESS their inventory is full. In case of a full inventory a staff must be contacted in order to receive your reward.

Santa HideNSeek Event

Randomly every hour the players have a chance of finding Santa in the five classic maps of conquer online (TwinCity, PhoenixCastle, ApeCity, DesertCity, and BirdIsland). If a player finds Santa then he/she will receive a random reward, it can be anything from a meteor to x3ExpPotion. If Santa is not found within the hour and time reaches the point where it is supposed to spawn again in a different location then it will be prevented in doing so and will remain in the same city until it is found. To see the status whether Santa has been found or not, players can go to TwinCity and speak with BossHandler NPC at (439,361).


The TreasureHunt is one of the most iconic events in Classic Conquer history, involved in almost every other classic conquer server it was a must to include it in Project Valhalla also. The event is quite simple and beginner player friendly, the player has the opportunity to join the TreasureHunt every day twice during a 24 hour period. Inside the event the target goal is to kill TreasureChests to obtain two TreasureHunt points and to avoid killing TreasureTraps otherwise you will lose two TreasureHunt points. The event will always last for exactly ten minutes from it's starting point and players will be able to see their current TreasureHunt points and the remaining time left in the top right corner of their screens while being inside of the event. An important note before entering the event area is that you cannot utilize magic or a bow to kill the TreasureChests/Traps inside, the only way to kill them is by using melee attacks. It is highly recommended that you participate in the TreasureHunt event atleast once per day since it is a great way to gather points and cash out unique rewards. The points will NOT disappear so you can save up an infinite amount.

Boss Event

The Boss Event is a Project Valhalla exclusive event, the way it works is almost like a raid where all players have to work together in order to defeat the strong waves of monsters which spawn in. You are of course allowed to PK inside the area aswell, but once inside players usually notice that working together is a more efficient option than turning against eachother. The event consists of two monster waves and two boss waves, players have a chance of getting unique drops such as Blessedbags and ItemBags when killing the monsters from the waves and then the more common loot drops such as CloudDiamonds, Meteors, Gold, and DragonBalls from the bosses. All the drops from the bosses are randomized and all classes in the game will prove to be essential for the event as the bosses are quite strong. This event is not beginner friendly and will require more than core gears to participate in. Players can join the Boss Event through SweetyMay NPC in TwinCity at (436,361), the event will start every 9 hours from it was last or from the last time server was restarted/had maintenance.


As the event states itself, this event is a "Lastman surviving type of event". The player target goal is too elimate all other players who have chosen to particiapte in the event, once you are left alone in the map you will be teleported out to middle of TwinCity with your reward and be crowned the winner. The event sign up will happen through pop-up boxes if the players have this function enabled otherwise the player can go to ArtisanLuo in TwinCity at (457,346) to manually sign up, this function can also be used if you have happened to cancel the sign up from the pop up boxes or missed it in any way. Players will have a bit over a minute to either accept or decline the invitation to the event.


Deathmatch is a free-for-all type of event, players who have chosen to participate in the event will be teleported to an area where they will all have one hp. The primary skill used for this event is either scentsword or fastblade. The event is beginner player friendly as all players with scentsword or fastblade will one hit eachother. Gears on your character will not matter inside of the event and neither will your character level. The reward for this event has it's own system, for every kill a player gets inside they will be awarded with a DMPoint or DeatchMatch Point which they can utilize for rewards after the event is finished through Milly NPC in TwinCity which is located (455,346). The event will be going on for ten minutes and players will try to get as many kills as they can during this period to stack up their points. The points will never disappear and has no limit to how many you can store. It is recommended that players inside of the game participate in this event atleast once per day in order to gather points. The event sign up will happen through pop-up boxes if the players have this function enabled otherwise the player can go to ArtisanLuo in TwinCity at (457,346) to manually sign up, this function can also be used if you have happened to cancel the sign up from the pop up boxes or missed it in any way. Players will have a bit over a minute to either accept or decline the invitation to the event.

PKTournament (Arena)

The PKTournament in arena is a scentsword/fastblade event in PKArena, the players will during a 15 minute time period try to get as many kills as possible inside until a first place winner and second place winner is crowned through a system chat for all players in the game. The reward for coming in first place and second place is a gold prize. All players who has scentsword or fastblade can participate in the event as all players will one hit one another. Gears or level will be insignificant in this event and the whole thing will depend on the players ability to play. To sign up or participate in the event you will need to be inside of PKArena before the event starts, it will not matter whether if your character is dead or alive but you MUST be inside of the PKArena map. You are not able to join with multiple accounts to farm points and hand yourself the win. The event is once per day and will commence at 9:45 PM server time which means you will need to be inside of PKArena at latest at 9:44 PM to participate.

Non-Daily Events

King of the Hill

The KingofTheHill event is only available for players to join on Mondays and Fridays, the event itself will start at 5:45 PM and will reward the winner with a lot of unique loot including VIPCard. The event works in the following way, the players will be teleported to a special made map which is made just for this event. Inside the map there will be four KingofTheHill flags put down to mark a square area, whilst being inside of the square the player will receive one point every two seconds which goes by. The challenge will be to stay alive as the other players inside are permitted to PK you in other to achieve the KingofTheHill points themselves. Killing will also award the player one point. The player who reaches a total of 200 points first will be crowned the winner of the event. Gears and level will matter in this event which makes this event non-beginner friendly. The event sign up will happen through pop-up boxes if the players have this function enabled otherwise the player can go to ArtisanLuo in TwinCity at (457,346) to manually sign up, this function can also be used if you have happened to cancel the sign up from the pop up boxes or missed it in any way. Players will have a bit over a minute to either accept or decline the invitation to the event.

WeeklyPK Tournament

Has the same concept as the LastmanStanding event which you can read about under the "Daily Events" segment above. The only difference is the reward and of course as the name intends that it is a weekly event. You can join the event on Saturdays. Lastman alive in the map will be crowned the winner and receive their reward.

TopClassPK Tournament

The top class pk tournament is the ultimate tournament to prove the server that you are the best player of the week within your own char profession. Each day from Monday to Friday there will be a top class pk tournament held at 9 PM, there is a day for each one of the five classes. The players will be teleported to a special map with the other participants and then fight until they are the remaining player left in the map, once alone the last standing player will be crowned the winner and be teleported to TwinCity to receive not only the notorious TopClassPK Halo for a week but also a 4-Day VIPCard! The event sign up will happen through pop-up boxes if the players have this function enabled otherwise the player can go to ArtisanLuo in TwinCity at (457,346) to manually sign up, this function can also be used if you have happened to cancel the sign up from the pop up boxes or missed it in any way. Players will have a bit over a minute to either accept or decline the invitation to the event.


The ExpMob is a special mob made to aid new players or existing player with either character leveling, skill leveling, or profiency leveling. The mob has one billion health in order to stay alive for a good amount of time, characters at level 130 are restricted from attacking the mob since it is specificaly made for aiding characters below level 130 to progress and to make their journey a little simpler and more satisfying. The ExpMob can either be spawned manually by players through OnlinePoints in market by speaking to TQEnvoy (204,213) or will automatically be spawned on Fridays through the server system at 7 PM server time.


The TeratoDragon Boss is a foul beast and players can get the chance to fight it by going to the TwinCity Altar on Sundays at 8:30 PM, TwinCity Altar is located at the white platform by the Robin mobs (near Ape City portal). The boss will reward the players with the highest damage done and the player with the highest healing done with a randomized garment, with healing it is not counted when you are healing the boss itself but instead it is meant with healing players in your team around you that has taken damage from the boss. Once the boss has been killed it will drop various loot on the ground for the players in the area to pick up. A quick reminder is that this boss is quite strong and players will require decent gears in order to "tank/survive" its damage.

Mini GuildWar

In comparison to the regular GuildWar the Mini GuildWar is located in a much smaller map to make it more action packed. The Mini GuildWar do not have any gates between the players and the pole meaning that guilds have to carefully execute their strategies in order to win the event. The Mini GuildWar is held every Tuesday and Thursday between 7 PM to 9 PM server time. The reward for winning the event is half of the regular GuildWar but the win will count towards the guild bonus exp progression which a guild gets rewarded with by winning a war type event. Another important aspect to note about the Mini GuildWar is; When dead, the players do not need to wait a specific time to rejoin the war as they do with regular GuildWar. Players will be pardoned immediately from the GW Jail once the Mini GuildWar is ongoing and they can rejoin the fight instantly again. The Guild who has won the Mini GuildWar will receive special halos for their GL and DL's. Players are not allowed to enter the Mini GuildWar map until the event is active. You can join the Mini GuildWar in TwinCity by speaking to the MiniGuildWar NPC located at (438,346).

City GuildWar

The City GuildWar in Project Valhalla is quite special, the guilds are fighting for a special kind of reward when participating in this event. In comparison to regular Guild and Mini GuildWar the winning guild of this event will not be rewarded anything materialistic for their characters or members but will instead gain access to a special winner's hunting area. Each City won will have it's own area for the winning guild to enter after the event is done. Meaning that your guild could have a slight advantage over the other guilds for some days since you will have multiple places/maps to chose from where you wanna hunt. The City GuildWar maps will change every 30 minutes, this means that the participants have 30 minutes in their hand to secure the pole in the city they are fighting in to be crowned the winner for that city until the location is changed. The war will last for a two hour period on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's between 7 PM to 9 PM server time. This means there will be four different city maps which the guilds will compete in and that there also is four different special hunting areas which the participants have a chance of gaining access to. You can join the City GuildWar in TwinCity by speaking to the CityGuildWar NPC located at (385,376).

Regular GuildWar

The regular GuildWar in Project Valhalla will end on Sundays 8 PM server time, the objective is the traditional way of winning GuildWar's in Conquer Online. Your Guild gotta be the last guild holding the pole when the time is up, the winner guild GL and DL's will be awarded with the top GL and top DL halos as well as a gold prize. The regular GuildWar will of course also include gates in order for the guild who have secured the castle area to be able to defend themselves.

Guild Chest

The GuildChest is a bonus feature for players while regular GuildWar is active, on Saturdays 11:30 AM and 7:30 PM a GuildChest will spawn inside of the GuildWar area. Players will have to kill the chest in order for it to drop around 25 items on the ground. All of the items dropped have a chance of being one socket or second socket items. A good strategy for this event would be to secure the castle with your guild in before hand the GuildChest spawns so only your guild and allies can benefit from the drops.

Rift Event

The Rift Event is the newest addition to the Project Valhalla game server, the event will go live every Saturday between 3 and 5 PM and players can join the event by going to DesertCity and speak with the Rifter NPC located at (470,644). If the event is not live players will not see the options to join a Normal or Greater Rift. These options will only be showcased when the actual event is live. Through the NPC players can choose whether they would like to participate in a Normal Rift challenge or if they have already acquired a Greater Rift key they can then choose to participate in a Greater Rift challenge. The primary reason to participate in a Normal Rift challenge is to get the Greater Rift keys since they will only be dropped from those floors and not from the Greater Rifts itself. The event is similar to the system which is used in the game Diablo 3 where inspiration for this event came from, however, the most noticable difference is that players can choose their difficulty which they wanna play in when doing these challenges. Before entering the challenge (applies for both Normal and Greater Rifts) players can choose if they wanna have the challenge in Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum mode, these different difficulties play a major role on how strong the monsters will be inside, how strong the boss will be at the end and what chances you got in getting specific rewards. As an example we can compare a Normal Rift Bronze level Boss with a Normal Rift Platinum level Boss, killing a Bronze level boss will have a 100 percentage chance to give a player a NRToken (used for trading in with the NPC for rewards) but only a 25 percentage chance to give a player a Greater Rift key while killing a Platinum level boss will grant the player 100 percentage chance to get two NRTokens and 100 percentage chance to get Greater Rift key/keys. The system is formed in such a way where players must think about their gears before deciding on which floor they wanna do the rift in even though the monsters can be easily killed that does not apply to the end Bosses as they scale up with both HP and damage depending on the difficulty you take. A Greater Rift end Boss is ALOT stronger than a Normal Rift end Boss but that will of course also mean that the reward is a lot better. The primary reward for the rifts is NRToken as mentioned before and GRToken (when completing a Greater Rift), these tokens can then be traded with the NPC for prices. The GRToken will of course have a better loot pool than what an NRToken will have, in fact you even have a chance of getting premium items such as GarmentTokens through a GRToken! An important thing also to remember while doing rifts is that Normal Rifts will not have a time of completion but Greater Rifts will have a 25 minute time limit meaning that if you fail to complete the event within that time you will be teleported out and lose your key and progress which you have made in there. Also, while being inside any of the Rift maps the Remote Warehouse will be disabled meaning you gotta be careful while encountering other players. It is also important for players to remember to not push the higher floors from the start, sometimes it can be more efficient to push a lower difficulty over and over again if you happen to complete them faster as you will get more loot per hour than if you would have only done the higher difficult floors.