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A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the making of this private server. Not only has there been a lot of starting funding and sweat put into the server but also a huge amount of time to get every single thing perfected. The server is free to play for all its members and will always remain that way, players do however got a choice if they wanna donate or not, in order to cover the monthly costs of running the server as well as showing appreciation for the game and its founders. By donating the players will in return depending on the amount donated get VIPCards, DragonBalls, GarmentTokens and much more. All of these items are tradable meaning that non-donators also will have a chance to acquire these items by simply playing the game. Donators will in no way gain an advantage in the game since it is all timebased and how much effort you yourself want to put into your characters.

VIPCard Donations:
In-game Character name:
Other Donations:
in-game Character name:

VIP Benefits:

- Permanent x2 EXP on your character and Higher level claiming free Double EXP
- Ability to use several in-game VIP Commands. (for full list look on discord under #player-commands)
- Notifications when +1, blessed and Flowers999 are dropped from monsters
- Autoloot some of the gold that is dropped from monsters
- Autoloot DragonBalls, Meteors, Supers/Elites/CloudDiamonds, as well as Cloud and FlowerBoxes.
- Remotely pack MetScrolls, DBScrolls, CloudDiamonds and HiddenKeys on-the-go while hunting.
- Remote repair (Repair everything anywhere without removing equipment).
- Remote compose (Compose your + Items anywhere).
- Remote Warehouse. (function disabled for red / black names to prevent it from ruining the classic 1.0 gameplay)

Terms of Service (Donations):

By donating to Project Valhalla, you will automatically agree to the following statements/conditions. Donating without the consent of the terms of service will be a risk the player/user takes by her or his own risk. It is recommended for the concerned user to read through the "Term of Service" points carefully to fully understand what you are agreeing on.

• By donating to Project Valhalla the user is fully aware that the financial support will be used in order to keep developing the server further, to assist in paying the monthly fees to keep the server running, as well as supporting the developers/founders of the server.
• By donating to Project Valhalla the user/player is fully aware that all donations made to support the server and its founders are non-refundable. Donations are voluntary and a personal choice. PayPal or any other concerned payment services are not in any way involved in the transaction which happens here even though their services is being used to send/receive payments.
• By donating to Project Valhalla the user/player agree that the staff of the game server can at any point revoke their donation or suspend their in-game/discord account if any of the given server/discord rules has been violated.
• By donating to Project Valhalla the user/player agree that he or she will not use any of their own fraudalent links, websites or programs in order to scam or duplicate the payment options which this server is offering to recieve/send payments. In such a case the user also agrees that the staff will have the right to permanently suspend their accounts no matter what the conditions are.
• By donating to Project Valhalla the user/player agree that if he or she is violating any of the payment services user agreements when making a donation to the game server he or she can be held accountable from both the payment services as well as Project Valhalla/Valhalla Conquer.
• By donating to Project Valhalla the user/player agree to the fact that they are not purchasing any goods or any physical good. All donations are seen as simple support in order to keep the server running. The decision to award the user/player digital or virtual products are made by the game server staff and will entirely depend upon them to decide whether the user/player will receive a compensation for donating and supporting the server. Project Valhalla are in no way obliged or have in no way agreed that it is a guarantee to receive a good for the donation made by a user/player. It is also the staff decision whether they wanna offer the user/player bundle packs if they so wish to support the server with a specific amount. All the "good/goods" options listed above are simply an example of the rewards you could get from supporting the server.
• By donating to Project Valhalla you agree to the condition that you are 18 years old or older, and if you do not fulfill this requirement you agree to that you have the consent of a guardian before donating.