What makes Project Valhalla stand out?


This project has been a serious project from the start, even from day one everything was thoroughly planned and the developers had a clear vision of what needed to be done. There was a set goal from the start and unlike most private servers the developers here never needed to improvise in order to add content. It was given from the start what needed to be done and ever since we have been doing our absolute best in order to achieve all of our goals. Here in Project Valhalla we do not believe that a server can really ever be done, there are always things which can be optimized or improved upon therefore we will never stop with our dedication to always strive for better or to always make the experience better for our players. This is an attribute we believe is essential to have as a server owner/coder.

About us

Server Information

Down below you can read about the server features, as well as the unique aspects that makes us a special classic server.


Powerful Host

The server is hosted at a top quality hosting company so the players will experience the smoothest gameplay there is for a private server.


Professional Staff

The staff in project Valhalla is not only active almost around the clock, but is also a dedicated and experienced team. With knowledge from previous experiences, Project Valhalla can ensure players the most balanced gameplay out there.


Pure Classic

At Project Valhalla we guarantee the players an action packed experience, despite adding more events to make it PvP based we still have not forgotten the fun PvE aspect of the game. Custom events such as boss raid event and seasonal quests will always be a part of the game for us. Not all is about fighting.



From the moment you download the game server, the staff at Project Valhalla will set the goal to make the player feel safe and to make them feel that this is a server which they can trust in and where their time spent will not be in vain. We do this for the players and our reward is by seeing players enjoy the game.


General Information

The maximum level a player can reach is level 130, there is maximum first rebirth available at the server, the maximum gear stat available is +9 2 socket -5 255 HP gears, and for classes there are only the 5 original ones available. We strive to keep the system as close as possible to the base version of the game.


Donations & Profit

As any other private server out there we also accept donations, in return for donations players will get to chose in-game items such as VIPCards, GarmentTokens and DragonBalls etc. The difference is that most of the profit we make here will always be invested right back at the server to provide the best experience for the players in it. We do not aim for profit, we aim for a server with quality and reliability.

Server features

Here is why you should play at Project Valhalla:


1. Custom Events & Custom System

Since Project Valhalla took its inspiration from the notorious classic server called Conquer Veterans we have also implemented some of its core features. At Project Valhalla you can find fully functioning events such as TeamPK Tournament, TreasureHunt, KingofTheHill, DeathMatch, LastmanStanding, WeeklyPK, TopClassPK, Mini GuildWar, City GuildWar, and regular GuildWar. Project Valhalla also includes the classic events and quests such as Dis City, SnakeKing etc. Another great aspect of the game server is the hunting system which has been properly tested for balance, there are several ways for a player to progress but with the unique hunting system you will never grow tired of getting stronger and stronger.

Events Information

2. Performance & Optimization

The developers of the server knows the frustration of bugs and exploits in the game which could potentially harm the whole server if not fixed from the start. With experience in our hands we have made sure that our game should be as "bug" free as possible. All the crucial game breaking things has been fixed during the beta phase of the server and we will guarantee our players that no gamebreaking errors will occur in the server during its LIVE phase. The server has not only been optimized with the prevention of errors but also through code handling, the developers has spent a great amount of time to make sure that the server will run as smooth as possible with as low latency as possible for the region its meant for.


3. Help & Support Active 24/7

There is nothing worse than investing time in a game which you cannot get in touch with the support team when a conflict occurs, at Project Valhalla we will ensure our players that help or assistance will always be available when needed. Not only are we active through our support mail but we have integrated a whole support "ticket" system which players can utilize through our discord game server. The staff members here at Project Valhalla always puts the players infront. The players are the most fundamental part of the game and without them we cannot exist, therefore our main priority will always be that everybody should feel that they have been given the help that they deserve and they should also feel that help will always await them if anything ever happens.

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